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About Us

About Us

Lemon Tree Hotel is a family-managed accommodation in Kathmandu where we invite you to experience the luxury for which you would normally have to pay much more elsewhere. Surprising our low prices may seem, but we assure you that we will cater the best of our services without giving you any reason to complain.

The reason behind our unbelievable offer is actually quite simple; we are free from the leasing burden that we would have to bear if our accommodation business was set up on someone else’s property. Besides, from the building construction to furnishing and finishing, everything you get to use or experience at Lemon Tree Hotel, has been done with utmost passion and care, without any compromise in quality. As it is our family business and we want it to be part of our honor and success, we assure you of total value for every penny you pay.

We also organize all kinds of tours and activities in Kathmandu as well as all parts of Nepal at very reasonable prices. For more information about our travel services, please visit or contact us.

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